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Movement-Trolleys, Dollies, Mobile Cages, Pallets-RTP Materials Handling
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RTP Materials Handling has the knowledge and ability to supply you with the tools to move your products with Trolleys, Dollies, Pallets plus all the accessories.

Moving components, tools and products around your premises in a safe and controlled manner increases your production rate and profitability while reducing damage to your products. We can offer off the shelf solutions as well as bespoke solutions designed to handle, protect and store your unique products.


Dollies are a low wheeled platform on which heavy items can be loaded and moved quickly and easily


We have strong, durable,versatile and clean pallets suitable for single trips through to heavy weight storage in metric or imperial sizes


Trolleys are used for transport or storage. An ideal way of safely moving larger loads

Mobile Cages

For quick and easy loading of transport or lockable where security is required

Euro Container Trolley

Trolleys designed to move several Euro Stackers around at the same time

Cubio Mobile Equipment

Bott Cubio mobile storage products give the flexibility to safely move tools, equipment, components and even work stations to wherever they’re needed

Verso Mobile Equipment

Bott Verso Mobile Equipment features reinforced, welded steel housings for long service life in tough industrial environments