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Secure Dunnage Inserts for your Component - RTP Materials Handling Ltd
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Dunnage cubio drawer foam inlay CNC Routed two tone identified plastic weld insert epp fabric thermoform vac formed


Dunnage is the generic term for what goes into a box or container to secure & hold a component. This can be welded plastic dividers, foam inserts, EPP & thermoformed trays.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in tooling over the years, especially injection moulding tools – reducing the piece price for products. RTP can recommend the correct material for your dunnage based on cost, durability & lifespan.

We can provide you with all your dunnage requirements. From a simple moulded foam insert for your Euro Stacker Container to a bespoke CNC-routed insert in which any tool, component or product will fit securely and safely. Furthermore, once we have designed an insert for your item, we keep the CNC plans & tooling allowing us to fabricate more for you as your business grows.


Plastic Welding

We are able to create dividers using simple shapes to separate and protect your item. Extremely durable. Ideal for small & medium volumes

vacuum forming thermoforming injection moulding extrusion RTP Materials Handling


Moulding plastic and shaping it around a machined tool to create a perfect storage solution for your component. Small to medium volumes

foam multi colour two tone cad tool cut out cnc routed tray drawer insert bespoke custom tool control easy to identify

Foam Fabrication

We can fabricate shapes in foam using CNC routing, DIE cutting & injection moulding

Injection moulded foam dunnage insert product

Dunnage Products

Over the years RTP Materials Handling have developed a range of Dunnage that is available off the shelf or very quick lead times

vent cover fabric strechable

Fabric & Textiles

Using nylon fabric or netting with or without wadding, it is possible to use a variety of textiles to separate and protect items within a container

Euro Box Inserts

Off the shelf injection moulded smaller boxes designed to fit the Euro stacker