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Stacking and Nesting Containers 180 plastic euro container schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range

Stacking and Nested

There are two types of stack and nest container. The first and most common is a bale arm container; this uses a bale arm to support the container above for stacking. This bale arm then folds back, allowing the container to nest. The second is 180º stack and nest container, this allows the container to stack when the above container is placed the opposite way round to the lower container – yet when placed in the same direction, the container will nest. Both types of containers have tapered sides to allow for nesting. This type of container is mainly used in the produce industry or where empty containers are returned in a returnable trip packing (RTP) systems to minimalise transporting fresh air and maximise the number of containers being returned. These boxes come in two standard footprints, 600 x 400mm & 400 x 300mm – both work with the two most commonpalletsizes.


Good containers for an RTP system where empty containers are returned or storage space is at a premium.


Due to the tapered sides the capacity of the containers is reduced.

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