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Spill Control - RTP Materials Handling
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Spill Control

For some hazardous or dangerous goods, or in hazardous industry/premises, it is a legal requirement to contain any spillage that could possibly occur. Bund and Drip Trays protect the environment by safely containing and storing any toxic materials spills or seepage until it is responsibly disposed of.

RTP Materials Handling has a variety of Spill Control containers, available in assorted sizes depending on the volume of the chemical to be stored. These containers are corrosion resistant and maintenance free, needing little preservation for longevity. This means that they are cost effective as they are suitable for multiple use purposes. Spill control containers are also stackable when they are not required for use, which is space efficient and improves work flow. Our containers are also available in different colours, allowing for colour identification, identification and tracking.

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