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Conductive / Dissipative

Conductive containers are purpose-made for static-safe storage, kitting, and in-process handling and transporting of static sensitive assemblies and devices and for use within the electronic industry. Conductive materials are used for external containers with no direct contact with sensitive components, whilst dissipative materials are used where there is direct contact such as the foam dunnage.

RTP¬†Materials Handling offers a wide range of static safe plastic containers, inserts such as CNC-routed and static dissipative foam and accessories which allow necessary paperwork to travel alongside the transported goods. All conductive containers have a specific surface resistance ranging from 1×102 Ohm to 1×105 Ohm. Dissipative containers range from 1×106 Ohm to 1×1011 Ohm. All containers meet the EN-31640 requirements for safe handling.

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