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Regulation Insulated & Specialised Containers - RTP Material Handling Ltd
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Hazardous Chemical Food prep spill control regulation compliant containers robust durable strong sealed Thermal Insulated Insert Euro Container with Hinged Lid schoeller allibert linpac georg utz UN Certified

Specialised Containers

Whatever the job, there is always the right size and style of box. We have containers for the manufacturing, industrial, medical, retail, catering & transportation industries. Whether you require a container suitable for hazardous or corrosive chemicals, protecting static sensitive products or for transporting and storing hot & cold food, we have the specialised container you need.

Conductive / Dissipative

A wide range of static-safe containers, inserts and accessories. The conductive and dissipative surface resistances comply with EN 61340 requirements

Spill Control

Bonded containers and drip trays protect the environment by containing any toxic material spills or seepage. These come in a variety of designs and are corrosion resistant, maintenance free and stackable

Food Prep / Mobile Bins

Tubs and mobile bins made from food grade material & are easy to clean. Ideal for storage and movement of ingredients and for use in clean rooms as they conform to all the appropriate regulations

Hazardous Goods

These containers have UN certification for the transport of hazardous goods

Insulated Containers

An ideal and cost effective way of transporting temperature controlled items. Perfect for Food Produce, Clinical, Pharmaceutical and the Fishing Industry

UN Certified

Under regulations, packaging must meet or exceed minimum standards of performance before it can be authorised for the carriage of dangerous goods