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Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are strong, durable and clean. The range of plastic pallets for industrial use is growing rapidly due to clean room environments, food processing and export restrictions on wood to certain countries. Plastic pallets can resist weathering, rot, chemicals and corrosion. They are also exempt by inspection for biosafety concerns and are easily sanitised for international or food shipping.

Pallets are also an advantage to any industrial site as they are a reusable packaging item lasting up to a hundred trips or more, which reduces a company’s carbon footprint and saves money on packaging costs in relation to recycling and waste disposal (EEC waste and waste packaging regulations). Pallets allow the user to easily pass through buildings and fit in racks. Additionally they can be stacked – minimising workspace and improving the flow of the premises when not in use. We can also design & fabricate extended pallets to suit your requirements.

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