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Box Accessories for Containers - RTP Materials Handling Ltd
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Mainly for identification or storage purposes, we host a range of accessories which enable you to keep the contents of your containers or its adjoining paperwork clean and safe. These accessories allow easy labelling and easy tracking of particular products. Additionally, when used correctly these accessories can increase productivity, reduce human error and maintain standards that have been set by you.

Euro Box Inserts

Usually made of plastic or foam, box inserts fit into a larger Euro Stacker to subdivide the contents

Security Seal

Security seals are commonly considered an inexpensive way of providing tamper evidence of intrusion into sensitive spaces

Ticket Clips

These are designed with the intention to hold labels, paperwork or other identifiers and are easy to use

Document Wallets

Made from high quality, durable plastic, document wallets ensure that vital paperwork components are protected at all times

Hot Foil Printing

Hot foil printing is used widely on plastic and paper and is an applicable, popular technique of security

hinged hook in plastic euro container lids slip clip on attached sealed dust covers schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range


Providing security for your products during transportation


Good tracking control ensures that no components are lost or misplaced and maintains efficiency, while reducing the chance for human errors