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Plastic Pallet Boxes, Containers & Tote Boxes - RTP Materials Handling
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RTP Materials Handling has a vast range of plastic storage containers, from small parts bins to bulk containers. The correct container can increase storage and transport utilisation which reduces costs and manual handling, improving health and safety. Our containers are also reusable for many trips in a closed loop packaging. We have a wealth of knowledge regarding the strengths and weaknesses of all the containers and boxes on the market. We work with all the major box manufacturers and can fabricate unique sizes for you by cutting and shutting two standard containers together. If you are looking for inserts for your box, please click here.

Euro Container heavy duty schoeller allibert georg utz linpac plastic storage handles 600 400 300 200 800

Euro Container

The Euro Stacker container is a strong reliable straight sided container box

Heavy Duty KLT Container strong robust plastic euro container schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range

Heavy Duty KLT

Designed to work with automated conveyor and handling systems

Small Part Bins plastic linbin picking container schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range

Small Parts Bins

Designed to work on louvre panels - ideal for small parts

plastic bread tray confectionery stacking schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range bakery food

Stacking Containers

Bakery and non-Euro Stacker size containers

Stacking and Nested

Used for distribution where the containers are nested empty for the return journey

Attached Lidded Containers tote box security sealed plastic euro container schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range

Attached Lidded Container (ALC)

Tamper proof containers (tote boxes) with an attached lid that protects your goods

Folding Containers

Euro Stacker sized containers to be folded down when not in use, saving up to 80% of space of unfolded container

hinged hook in plastic euro container lids slip clip on attached sealed dust covers schoeller allibert linpac georg utz range


Providing security for your products during transportation

Hazardous Chemical Food prep spill control regulation compliant containers robust durable strong sealed Thermal Insulated Insert Euro Container with Hinged Lid schoeller allibert linpac georg utz UN Certified

Specialised Containers

Includes insulated, conductive or dissipative, hazardous goods and UN certified containers along with hygienic food safe containers and mobiles

Strong Robust Large Bulk Pallet Box Folding Large Container Straight Side FLC George Utz Schoeller Allibert Linpac Buckhorn Heavy Duty

Bulk Containers

Pallet sized containers with a large cubic volume. These may fold or be stacked


A wide range of accessories including Document wallets and Security Tags required to keep the contents safe and clean, easing identification and tracking