Triple bay euro storage racks


A speciality of ours is storage optimisation. In this job we designed and created bespoke racking aiming to make the most of our clients storage space.

Recently we received a request from a regular client of ours to help improve storage facilities. They requested that we design and fabricate a number of three bay, 8 shelf racks to store euro crates! After receiving measurements and dimensions, our design team created plans and we began fabrication.

We firstly bought box section mild steel and cut it to length. We then welded in runners, creating shelves for the boxes to be put on. Using these welded pieces we created 3 bays per racking unit. Finally, we welded plates to the top of the rack to finish the metalwork.

Fabrication Images:

After creating 12 of these units our client required us to powder coat them in a variety of colours. This was in order to clearly categorise the euro boxes and their contents. We powder coated 2 in blue, 2 in red, 2 in green, 2 in yellow, 2 in grey and 2 in purple. They made for quite a picture!

Finished racking images:

Finally we quality checked all of the units, ensuring that there was no errors.

We sent all of the units off for use on the 28/11/2019 .

Since then we have received very positive feedback!

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