Storage Container for Critical Faces


Howdens Compressors of Glasgow needed a solution for their compressor covers. The covers are made out of cast iron which have critical faces on the front and back and weigh 80kg each. When not in use they were laid down on wooden pallets – causing damage to the critical faces and being a health & safety hazard when being transported.

Howdens realised that whilst storing these singularly on wooden pallet they were causing damage to critical faces and taking up valuable floor space. They asked us to provide something that would save space, avoid metal to metal contact and that would allow the covers to be stored vertically.

We created these boxes that allow up to 4 compressor covers to be stored at once. Using plastic welding, we welded 30mm thick plastic meaning that the covers can be sat upright without any metal to metal contact, allowing a lifting crane to pick up the compressor covers.

While the boxes are empty they can be stacked on of one another to save space.