Mobile scissor table


In this job our client needed a hydraulic table that could raise components up and down at required points. We assessed the situation and provided an even better bespoke solution.

After discussion with the client we established their requirements and came up with an idea. Why not make a mobile scissor table that could be freely moved?

We therefore decided to do this by creating it on a trolley. By doing this we eliminated a lot of manual handling and allowed people to freely use it anywhere! We made the trolley out of mild steel and fitted it with a pedal that could easily elevate the platform. Our team cut the plastic platform with an indentation in the middle in order to fit specific components, securing them when being moved. We chose to use a 10 mm thick HDPE plastic to create the platform. This ensured a long lasting, reliable top for the unit that could be recycled at the end of its life.

We attached a handle to be used when pushing the table around and fitted brakes to the wheels, allowing our client to secure the scissor table in place when using it.

Finally, we powder coated the table in vibrant red and yellow, ensuring visibility when in use on the site.

We sent this unit off for use on the 12/12/2019.

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