Bespoke Trolley with Racking & Swivel Castors


Our aerospace client was looking for a bespoke solution to save time while transporting a number of foam trays and its contents around the manufacturing process freely. They also required something that kept things tidy and used minimal space.

Our client was looking for a cost effective way to store foam trays whilst being able to easily move from one department to another. We designed this trolley that allows the fitted wax patterns to be stored while stationary or on the move.

We designed this trolley with swivel castors for ease of movement while in transit with braked castors at the front to hold them in place when needed. The trolleys can hold up to 10 foam trays at a time. The castors at the front are braked castors to prevent the trolleys rolling.

The trolleys are powder coated for an economical, long lasting and colour-durable quality finish.