Extended Pallet for Large Compressor Tooling


Howdens Compressors of Glasgow needed a solution for large, expensive tooling that weighs over 2 tonnes to avoid damage to the tooling, make it compliant with health & safety and reduce set up times each time it is used, whilst making sure the tooling is secure.

The tool was being moved using overhead cranes each time it was put on and taken off of the wooden pallet, causing damage to the tool and taking up an excessive amount of time compared to an extended pallet.

We designed this extended pallet for the large tooling. The tooling has 3 location pin which we incorporated into our design with the countersunk holes and the tool slots right into them to stop movement. To meet health & safety requirements, we also added a raised black rim around the top of the pallet for maximum security.

The tool can now be left on the pallet and moved with a set of pump trucks or forklift, without having to be hoisted on and off each time. This also saves time setting up the tool, prevents damage and improves safety. 

This extended pallet was made using the technique of plastic welding in-house at our workshop. The plastic weld and inserting the correct bracing, the pallet will be as strong as the original – regardless of whether we are repairing or modifying the component – giving us the ability to take multiple pallets and weld them together to form a unique-sized and purpose-built pallet.

Howdens Compressors of Glasgow required a solution for their large and heavy tooling that when in use, was overhanging a wooden pallet. This was a health & safety concern and also damaging to the tooling. They wanted something that was going to solve these issues and also make setting the tooling up more efficient.

We have designed and produced large, extended & over-sized bespoke pallets for our customers. These have been used to move tooling and components to avoid damage and improve efficiency. These extended pallets have also been used to address health & safety concerns.