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Bespoke Double Euro rackingto take 400x300mm Euros

Here at RTP we regularly take on jobs from clients looking to create more efficient storage facilities. In this instance we created bespoke racking to organise Euro boxes for ease of access.

We received an enquiry on the 4th of June 2019 from one of our regular aerospace clients. They stated that their current storage situation required adapting. We suggested that we create them a racking system to comfortably hold their storage crates.

We had to ensure that the racking:

  • Was the right size to house 400x300mm Euro crates
  • Was sturdy and able to take the weight of any components stored within it
  • Would not tarnish over time and continue to be high quality

Our Designer created CAD drawings for the racking and we began fabrication.

We created the frame itself from lengths of angle and box section mild steel. We used this material as it is a sturdy, cost effective metal that will have a long life after being powder coated. Our metal fabricator firstly joined the box sections together to create the main frame. Secondly, He welded lengths of angle into the centre to create support for the crates, allowing someone to easily slide them in. Finally, we welded the top deck into place on the top of the rack.




The racking was then sent to the powder coaters and given the blue finish you see in the pictures. We fabricated six of these units and sent them off for use on the 12/09/2019.

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