Cutter storage pallet box


We were contacted by Howden Compressors and asked to create a storage unit complete with individual divided pockets. This was due to the contents having a no metal on metal contact requirement.

Howdens initially approached us with an issue they had regarding storing components. The cutter blades they wished to store had a strict no metal on metal contact requirement. This led us to put into development a one-off design, specifically for this purpose

They specified that the two cutter storage units had to be 1200x800x780mm with a 10mm divider. We used the divider within the container to create four individual pockets.

We then had to tailor each of the pockets to the components they housed, with sloping surfaces along the bottom of each segment. This was to ensure the perfect support for each component, preventing any sort of damage in transit.

Each section of the box had its own lid. We custom-designed each of these to ensure that they wouldn’t slide off and compromise the product inside.

We used our CNC machine to cut the dividers, lids, and baseboard out of polyethylene, a lightweight yet durable plastic. This quality of material would ensure that the container has a long life span and prove a useful investment for the company.

Using this design we fabricated two Cutter storages and sent them off for use with Howdens.

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