Clean off desk with pull-out shelf

IN 720MM AND 430MM

One of our clients came to us with an issue regarding the cleaning of some of their components. We supplied a bespoke solution for their problem.

Our client produces a variety of metal aviation forgings. They would soak these forgings in cleaning fluids after production and this would often cause mess when storing them. Our CAD specialist created designs for a “Clean off” desk that would allow the wet components to be air dried without mess.

We firstly created a mild steel frame to support the desk. We then created a fitted metal tray to be slid in and out. Our customer would use this tray to catch any fluid blown off the components and easily remove and clean it if required. On top of the clean off desk we also added a hood feature. We designed this simply to reduce the amount of fluid being blown out of the back of the unit.

We created the plastic tray inside from HDPE plastic. This is due to our client having a strict no metal on metal contact policy for its components. The tray is essentially a grate to allow fluid to pass through it into the drip tray.

As well as the larger 720 mm unit, they required a smaller 430 mm unit as well. We fabricated both units in the specified sizes and had them sent off to be powder coated in the white you see in the pictures. This powder coating, whilst protecting the metal from rust, made the units look slick and professional.

We sent them off for use on the 26/09/2019.

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