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Turbine Assembly Work in Progress Trolley

Our aerospace client required a trolley that was going to support and hold three components in transit to the welding line for assembly. These trolleys needed to also be able to be stopped on demand so swivel wheels with brakes were required, along with no metal to metal contact.

Due to being an aerospace product, no metal to metal contact was required when moving and storing three components to a welding line for assembly.

Due to the size of the component being transported, this work in progress trolley was better suited to an upright design. Being upright, we were able to get 2 of the components on to each trolley without taking up too much space and without the components touching one another or hanging off the edge.

The trolley required no metal to metal contact so was finished in polypropylene with foam footings to allow for the curvature of the component. This gives it good impact resistance and also allows for it to sit in properly without rolling around. We also fitted straps to ensure that the component was able to be securely fastened to the trolley.