Pallet strapping deck with bespoke top


Regularly strapping packages in industry can be time consuming and inconvenient. In this job we improved upon our clients established package strapping system.

Our client in this job uses a pallet strapping system in which they place packages on a pallet with a grid pattern on.

The gaps between the grid serve as a guide for the pallet straps to be fed through. Although a good system, their use of wooden pallets had a number of drawbacks:

  • The pallets couldn’t be kept outside due to risk of water damage
  • pallets could break and splinter and be no longer fit for use
  • They would get dirty and be very difficult to clean.

They came to us with a request to completely upgrade their system. With this in mind, our design team began creating drawings for a HDPE Plastic version of the pallets to replace the current wooden ones. We firstly fabricated a HDPE grid to mimic the original pattern. This was to ensure that the packages could be wrapped in exactly the same way. This grid was then plastic welded onto regular black pallets to create the bespoke shape they required.

We then created and attached load stickers to ensure that the UDL of the pallet was never exceeded. These load stickers were designed in a bright yellow to ensure they stood out and were easily readable against the black pallet.

The finished product:

The new pallets have a number of positives compared to the earlier ones:

  • They can be stored outside due to their water resistance
  • The pallets are now much easier to clean
  • They have a much longer life and are much less likely to be damaged
  • The maximum capacity per pallet is clearly displayed
  • The pallets look more professional overall

We fabricated 150 of these units and sent them off for use on the 18/09/2019. Since then we have received very positive feedback on the pallets, with comments that they have seriously improved production!

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