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Bespoke four shelf quarantine cageIn red powder coat

On the 8th of May, we received an enquiry from one of our regular clients regarding a storage unit for scrap quarantine. Staff members would essentially use this unit to store faulty or decommissioned components. With this enquiry came a number of specifications.

  • Firstly the quarantine cage needed to be 1400x550x1855mm
  • It needed four shelves with a load capacity of 300 kg each
  • The unit needed floor mounting points in order to secure the unit in place.
  • It required a red powder coat finish to show that it housed faulty components

With these specifications in mind, our team began creating designs and drawings for the quarantine cage.

We decided to use mild steel to create the unit. This is a strong, cost-effective metal that we thought would suit the purpose well.

Firstly, we welded together lengths of mild steel to create the frame of the cage. We then welded in mild steel panels to create shelves strong enough to take the specified UDL within the unit. We then proceeded to weld mesh onto the cage and doors to make the contents of the unit secure. Our metalworkers then added floor mounting points and a lock on the door as per the specifications. Finally, We sent the unit to be powder coated in a bright red finish to show that the housed items were faulty and not to be used.

In conclusion, our new unit allowed our client to securely store their quarantined components whilst clearly labeling the contents as faulty with its vibrant red finish.


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