Cutting & Shutting

The technique of plastic welding can be used to ‘cut and shut’ pallets, boxes and containers together – allowing us to provide any size product you require. This allows you to get the perfect fit for your tool, product or component whilst also maximising space during storage.

Plastic welding allows us to create any size box you require by using the cut and shut process to tailor the box to your requirements. The process takes 2 boxes and cuts them to the required size. The 2 boxes are then bonded together with a plastic rod using a plastic welding heat gun. Once given time to cool, the strength of the box is uncompromised. We also use cutting & shutting to fabricate bespoke extended pallets.

This helps businesses with LEAN manufacturing, cutting down the amount of fresh air in the box, providing you with a purpose-built box and preventing damage to the component with a ‘snug’ fit for your component.

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