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Tool Control & Shadow Boards

We speicalise in tool control for our clients. Every business has different needs and we can offer a range of tool control methods from foam drawer inserts to tool boxes and custom made shadow boards. We have also made specialised cutter head storage that was a necessity after a health & safety visit.

We have made mobile shadow boards with vinyl printed backing mounted on plastic to improve cleanliness or where wood has been banned. We can make magnetic shadow or control boards to offer clear visual control and provide a uniform structure to your working area. There are many benefits of using shadow boards in the workplace. These include; your working areas looking uniform and tidy, tools being put back correctly and easy identification if a tool is missing. Finally using different colours across the board could stop cross-departmental use of tools.

Our CNC-cut foam inserts keep everything neat and uniform whilst also aiding in identifying if any tools are missing.

We can design anything to specifically suit your tools. This includes different colours and customized text in all shapes and sizes. We can also incorporate your company logo for that unique finish.

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  • CNC Milling Cutting Head Carousel

    View CNC Milling Cutting Head Carousel

    After a health & safety concern, this was our solution to the issue whilst also saving space and keeping all heads accessible and visible.

  • Mobile Shadow Board

    View Mobile Shadow Board

    While touring the UK, our client required a shadow board that was mobile and kept all the tools in order

  • Foam CNC-Cut Tooling Inserts

    View Foam Tooling Inserts

    We are able to design bespoke tooling solutions to keep your tools safe and in order