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Injection Moulding

We can injection mould in plastic and foam. The foam density can be varied at manufacture from dense (strong and durable) to low (protection of critical faces). Suitable for higher volume runs.

EPP 60 gram foam expanded polypropylene moulded injection plastic insulated easy clean robust transport foodchain box catering supplier supply chain eco friendlyWhere protection, support and high volume is required, we can injection mould foam trays using materials such as EPP (Expanded polypropylene), EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). The initial outlaying of tooling cost is higher than the vacuum forming process but the piece price is lower so this is ideal for higher volumes and more complex shapes.

Your product can be as personalised as you require. We can use different coloured foams laminated together to highlight pockets for easy identification of your tool spaces. Individual pockets can be labelled and, for that finishing touch, we can laser engrave your logo and any other information you would like displayed onto the surface.

The process of injection moulding is pushing molten plastic or foam into a tool and then cooled to eject a finished moulding of the shape.

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