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Mobile Plastic Welding

We offer mobile plastic welding - to save you the expense of replacing your damaged plastic water tanks, chemical tanks, bulk containers & silos. It is also a process used in the automotive industry occasionally to repair plastic trim, bumpers & tanks.

If your item is too large to move, we offer our mobile plastic welding service and will come to you. We have all the equipment and materials to save you the expense of replacing and the hassle of moving large & heavy items.

We have repaired water tanks, silos, agricultural equipment, wheelie bins, cherry picker baskets, bulk bins, plastic boats, fuel tanks, bumpers, display cases, plastic ramps & much more.

To make sure the repair is sealed, the area is first prepared & cleaned to ensure a strong, water-tight bond. This removes any contamination to the area and provides the correct welding surface.

We then heat the surface and bond a new covering piece of plastic on top. Using the correct temperature, pressure and heating time are critical. This will ensure the plastic is soft enough for long enough for a professional bond to form. If we do not use the correct temperature, heating time and pressure it will result therefore in a poor weld.

We would then leave the weld to cool as the plastic molecules bond together. This is an important part of the mobile plastic welding process and is dependant on the type & thickness of the plastic.

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