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DIE Cutting

Die cutting is a great way of making cost effective packaging and protection for your product. It is best for mass production due to the inital outlay for the tooling.

Benefits of Die Cutting

For simple shapes or where the whole cut can go through the foam, die cutting can be very cost effective large volumes. Lower grade foam is usually used in the die cut process due to this technique mainly used in the manufacturing industry in one-way packaging – as it will not be returned to the supplier.

It is used largely for packing out cardboard boxes to provide protection to the products but at minimal cost. For example, when buying a new PC, the foam inside the box will usually be large to provide good protection but also of a low grade to make it cost effective.

A higher grade of foam might be used in the die cut process of a presentation style box making the product inside more appealing to the customer.

Die cutting does require new tooling for each design which can be expensive for low volumes or if not being used often. CNC-routing is an altenative solution for small volumes of production.