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Bulk Containers

Strong and durable, bulk containers are normally half or full pallet size, or larger. All bulk containers with a pallet base to allow movement by fork truck or pump truck. Although these are largely used in the food industry for picking the crops in the field outside right through to the food processor and then on to the distributors, due to the large volume these boxes hold, bulk containers are also used in the industrial and manufacturing industries for heavy-duty use due to their load ratings and robustness. Being able to stack weights of up to 1 ton per container, they are a much used solution in commercial manufacturing. For example, we have a client who uses them to hold tens of thousands of bottle caps that are used when sealing their bottles. Once the container is empty, our client is then able to fold the sides of the container inwards to save space whilst in transit back to the bottle cap distributor.

Bulk containers commonly come in forms of plastic, but we can provide metal containers at your requirement.

Metal Stillages

We can offer standard and bespoke solutions in mobile stillages

Folding Large Container

Pallet sized containers to be folded down when not in use, saving 80% of space

Box Pallets - Plastic

Pallet size and pallet base boxes


Metal and plastic pallets in standard and bespoke sizes